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Why don’t you remove cosmetic tattoos?

Due to the huge increase in popularity of cosmetic tattoos, especially feather eyebrow tattooing, It REALLY pains us to say no when we get enquiries for the fading or removal of these when they’ve gone (sometimes) horribly wrong.

There is a really good reason we don’t like to go anywhere near cosmetic tattoos with laser, and we are going to try our best to explain it to you below:

The response of cosmetic tattoos to laser is varied, and the main reason for this is that the properties or ‘makeup’ of cosmetic ink (specifically white, brown, pink, and red pigments) can differ from traditional tattoo inks. Due to the lack of dark pigment in these colours, laser absorption is poor, and therefore the inks have a high tendency to darken when exposed to laser pulses. In 50% of cases, this darkening is immediate and irreversible. This adverse affect is further complicated by the fact that during the laser treatment, immediate whitening of the skin (a normal reaction to laser) temporarily obscures the colour change and it is sometimes not noticed until 2 – 72 hours post laser treatment.

An example of cosmetic ink darkening (oxidisation) following treatment with Nd:YAG 1064 laser.

It is for this reason we prefer not to treat cosmetic tattoos as a blanket rule. We understand how disappointing this must be to hear, however we would never want to cause a bigger problem for our clients, or do anything that may leave them in any type of distress.

We are however always researching, and should we discover a more successful and less risky way of removing these tattoos, we will be sure to share the news!

Kate x


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