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About Us

Our Business

Advanced Tattoo Removal is the Gold Coast’s leading, specialised tattoo removal clinic. We are a family owned & operated business committed to our client’s absolute safety, affordable treatments, guaranteed results, comfort and outstanding customer care.

Our business idea was developed in 2010 when owner & operator Kate went through the laser tattoo removal process. It was during this experience she recognised the need for a tattoo removal clinic on the Gold Coast who offered affordable treatments in a friendly environment, while not compromising on client’s safety and aftercare.

At Advanced Tattoo Removal out philosophy is very simple! Laser Tattoo Removal is all we do and we will do it safely, effectively and affordably each and every time…guaranteed!

Our People

Meet our owner and laser tattoo removal specialist Kate. She is incredibly passionate about tattoo removal, and having been through the removal process herself, completely understands how an unwanted tattoo can affect your life in many ways. She will not compromise on your comfort or skin’s safety and will maintain professionalism and confidentiality for each and every client.

Kate comes from a dermal therapy background, having graduated in the top 5 of her class, and has worked with Australia’s top laser clinic. She has been trained extensively in all aspects of laser, is fully accredited and licenced through Queensland Radiation Health, and has performed thousands of treatments.

Our Technology

At Advanced Tattoo removal we searched high and low for the absolute best and latest technology available in order to offer our clients the gold standard in tattoo removal.

We are incredibly proud to be the first clinic in Australia, and only clinic in South East Queensland to operate using the revolutionary Quanta Q-Plus Evo Q-Swtiched laser platform.

This high-end Italian designed technology combines a powerful top of the range Nd:YAG 1064nm Q-Switched laser for blacks & dark colours, a rare 694nm Ruby laser for removing and fading difficult blues and greens, and an innovative pain-free fractional component used as a complimentary treatment to release heat from the skin after every session.

In English? This means our laser can effectively remove and fade all colours without scarring, reduce the number of treatments previously required, significantly improve the healing process, aid removal when scarring is already present (from having the tattoo done originally, or caused by other inferior lasers or tattoo removal methods), and work in conjunction with the Q-Switched laser to ensure your skin is left in the same condition as when the treatments were commenced.

For client comfort we also use a Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling system. This machine is designed to cool the skin before, during and after the treatment to minimise pain, and reduce the risk of thermal injury.

Would you like to know more?? We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our technology, or alternatively, read through the articles below to gain a more in depth knowledge of our machines and the science behind how they work. Our owner Kate is also happy to show you one of her tattoos that has been very successfully treated by this machine!

Our Guarantee

We understand that there is a lot of information out there regarding tattoo removal technology and it can become very confusing about which company to choose.

We want your tattoo gone as much as you do, and with that in mind, if your ink is not completely gone after completing the number of treatments with us that we recommend during your initial consultation, we will continue to treat you for a fixed price of $50 only per treatment for up to 12 months.

Uncross those arms & take the next step towards peace of mind.

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